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 Colin Waeghe


rsz strip02 240x180 oilonwood 2019
Colin Waeghe: "Strip 02" (2019) - olie op paneel - 18x24cm
Van zat 18 jan tot zon 23 feb 2020
Open zat en zon van 13 tot 18u
Vernissage op zat 18 jan 2020 van 14 tot 18u

"Nacht van de Musea en Galerijen" op zat 15 feb van 14 tot 23u
Finissage op zon 23 feb 2020 van 14 tot 18u



 strip01 240X180 oilonwood 2019 kopieColin Waeghe: "Strip 01" (2019) - olie op paneel - 18x24cm


"You can only make out a muffled splash as your ear drums get immersed in water and you sink to the bottom of that tiled pit. The sudden movement has taken everyone by surprise. Surrounded by liquid properties and chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite of liquid bleach, granulated calcium hypochlorite, lithium hypochlorite or chlorinated isocyanurates. You can hardly hear the faded laughter that hovers over what looks like a pool, but there is a sudden burning sensation, a sting in both of your eyes when you eventually surface. One can save on chemical costs by adding chlorine to the water after dark — during the day some will be lost to sunlight, they say. The way the capitalist system is immunizing itself, the scientist as a secret weapon is less and less useful. But the pain is delicious."

(excerpt from "Strip – A Lonely Figure Dressed in Angles" by Oliver Klimpel)


"A work of Colin enters your house. Now it’s your turn to talk. Now it’s time for each of the paintings to start living their own life, to let go, to disappear in the whole,
that place where trees talk to each other and cosmic dust gets vacuum-cleaned by our little Zeitgeists. Rain falls into lakes.
In the end, one could ask how the paintings created Colin, who is again finding his space and time for another game of detachment, transcendence and language."

(excerpt from "A work of Colin hangs in your house" by Dries Van de Velde)


CAPS wenst iedereen een gelukkig en vredevol 2020!
CAPS whishes everyone a happy and peaceful 2020!
CAPS souhaite à tous une heureuse et paisible année 2020!


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